This collection showcases some of the finest works emerging from, and inspired by, 1950's America. 

Starting with works from the beginning of the decade, you'll feel the palpable frustration of some of the most complex and captivating characters ever written. Often angry, sometimes disillusioned - but all locked in a struggle to find their way. From the powerful biblical allusions and complex brotherly struggles of East of Eden, to the angst and alienation of Holden Caulfield in J.D. Salinger's Catcher in the Rye trying to find his way in post-war America.

As we move through the decade, the Beat Generation emerges. This sense of rebellion in response to the conservative stress of post-war society is an exciting and welcome revelation, and the Beatniks interest in new forms of spiritual experience accessed through drugs, alcohol and philosophy gives birth to many treasures. (See On the RoadHowl, and Naked Lunch for an even more experimental trip.)