It breaks our hearts to think of all of the unloved books that exist in the world. Some just have no way of being connected to a new home.


By buying a GiftSmith book, you're extending the life of a perfectly gorgeous pre-loved book and allowing it be re-used instead of wasted.

Yes, you could buy a new book, but why create more waste if there is the option not to? Every new book printed creates a carbon footprint of 7.5kg CO2. That might not sound like a lot, but when you consider that the UK publishes more books per inhabitant than any other country by a long might make you stop and think.

Plus we like to think we're giving you even more reason to when they're so beautifully packaged too! Everyone feels good when you make good choices!


We'd of course appreciate the irony of preaching about planet-friendly gifting, and then wrapping our books in layers of plastic packaging and waste that makes the planet extremely sad.

All of our books are packaged using minimal amounts of recyclable (and mostly also recycled) material…even our packing tapes are paper and recyclable!
Our postcards are fully recyclable. Our current bookmarks are velvet laminated to make them durable and long-lasting, they're consciously made to last.

We need to get up and running as a business to be able to understand areas we can improve on and commit to being even better, but we wanted to make a firm promise from the very beginning that sustainability is one of our core values that we will never compromise on.

The planet comes first, and we won't negotiate on that front. 


We've carefully selected the partners we work with to ensure that our core values align, and that we're proud to offer alongside the GiftSmith name. We only feature brands who value sustainability and ethical trading as much as we do...not to mention that the products are an absolute delight for you to enjoy too!

You can read more about Teapigs sustainability promise here, and their ethical values here.

Have a look at the Tony's Chocolonely inspiring ethical promise here.


Send book gifts • Buy sustainable • Spread joy • Feel good