Dreamy, gorgeous and sustainable book gifts...

The dream is to offer a really easy way to send beautiful second-hand books as gifts - spreading joy and delight in a sustainable, planet-friendly way.

We believe books make the best and most meaningful gifts; the receiver gets to enjoy the wonder of getting lost in a story and the pleasure of a beautiful bookshelf.

Second-hand books have so much charm and character to offer, and when they're packaged up with some GiftSmith magic they're by far the dreamiest kind of gift you could hope to send or receive.

'Grammable, gorgeous and to be treasured forever.

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Choose a book from one of our carefully curated collections...

We've tried our best to offer helpful insight into the type of reader who might enjoy each book to help you make the perfect, thoughtful selection.

We'll wrap it up in our beautiful packaging...

Our Signature book boxes always include your choice of beautiful literary quote Postcard and a bookmark, as well as a little card explaining the magic and joy of pre-loved books. Just let us know if you'd like a hand-written note added to your postcard, free of charge.

We carefully package your box with gorgeous dried wild flowers and evocative scents...ready to delight the recipient! 

Gift a little bit more, and add TeaPigs Tea Temples and Tony's Chocolonely Chocolate bars to your gift box...or spoil them with even more Literary delights.


Yes! The best gifts are gorgeous and guilt-free.

Giving vintage, pre-loved, second-hand (or whatever you want to call it!) as a gift re-uses a book that already exists which may have gone to waste.

This is the very essence of sustainable gifting.

Our books have been on a journey, whether they're new to the second-hand game, or they've been changing hands for years. We believe this magic, history and mystery adds to their charm and character in a way that cannot be matched. 

We carefully inspect all of our books to ensure they're perfectly giftable. Think beautiful, not battered! Well-loved, not worn out!

Each package comes with an explanation for the receiver so they get to feel good about your responsible choices too!

Read more about our sustainability promise here.


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