Tidy the Library Game Guide


    SET-UP: The librarian (dealer) shuffles the cards, keeping the black sides face up at all times. The librarian then loans 10 cards to each player. You can loan more cards for a longer game, 12-15 for a 2 player game is ideal. For 5 players, loan 8 cards and for 6 players loan 7 cards. For a solo game, keep the cards black side up and play like higher or lower.
    Each player must leave their cards on the table in a pile, with the black sides face up, so as not to reveal the reverse of the cards. You'll play the cards in order, starting with the visible top card. Do not interrupt the fate of the cards by shuffling your hand. Side note: It doesn't matter that you can see the black sides of each other's cards.
    Each player must also be loaned one library card. look at your card, but keep it face down and hidden. You can choose to play this card at the start of your turn at any point, interrupting the fate of the game.
    The librarian must draw the top card from the deck in the centre of the playing surface, creating the 'bookshelf', to begin the game. Put the rest of the cards aside.
    STARTING THE GAME: Youngest player goes first. Take it in turns to return a card to the bookshelf in order of publication date, with the earliest publication date to the left, and the most recent to the right. Place your card black side up, where you think it should go. Turn the card over to reveal the publication date.
    If you are right, play moves to the next players turn. If you are wrong, pick the card back up and put it black side up to the bottom of your deck. the game will get harder as the bookshelf becomes fuller.
    TO WIN: The first player to successfully return all of their cards onto the bookshelf wins the game.


    • Turn the game into a tournament, and play again, keeping a record of who wins the most games.
    • If playing with a younger or inexperienced reader, the librarian could decide to loan them two Library Cards.....to help nurture their love of the library and level out the playing field.
    • Watch out for new editions of Tidy the Library...coming soon!