GiftSmith's Christmas Book Lover's Guide

For your mum/mam/mom/mama/mother*:

*delete as appropriate


For any single mums who are more black humour than Bridget Jones about things, we can't recommend Nora Ephron's Heartburn enough. Apparently one of Nigella Lawson's favourite books to gift...we'll let you decide what to make of that. Shop Heartburn

Time for a nostalgic tearjerker, with one of Ian McEwan's most famous works - Atonement. Treat them to a turbulent, yet beautiful, tale of love, war, regret, family and all that's in between...the ultimate escape. Shop Atonement

For your Dad/Da/Pops/Father/Daddy/Old Man*:

*delete as appropriate

Gift your old man a literary escape this Christmas season. We're suggesting a trip into the criminal underworld, as the Corleone family struggle for power in the all-time gangster classic - The Godfather. Shop The Godfather


For your Sister/Soul Sister/Best Friend*:

*We all have one or the other...or both if you're super lucky!

An absolute favourite at GiftSmith, and worldwide following the huge success of this years BBC adaptation...if they haven't yet fallen in love with Sally Rooney's Normal People, then you're about to give them their favourite gift this Christmas, and win the crown of best sister/friend ever. Shop Normal People

John Green's darkly humorous yet poignant tale of love, life and illness is a sure fire hit with any book-lover or casual reader. Gift them laughs, tears and all of the feels in between. Shop The Fault in Our Stars

For your Brother/Boyfriend/Boy Friend*:

*That's right. We've inexplicably lumped them all together.

Give them a little break from the stresses of 2020, with a classic novel set in a futuristic World State, serving up dystopian social science fiction at its best. Okay - so not the biggest escape, but what better time to explore another bizarrely troublesome world of psychological manipulation and classical conditioning...and in this world, there's only one single individual to challenge the new world order: the story's protagonist. Shop Brave New World

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